Sam's Wrath
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Hey Guys & Gals!

Hey, I'm Sam (as you may have guessed). If you got this site, you are a friend of mine, unless you are some weird psycho interweb stalker who found this site. If that's the case, it won't matter what I say here- I'll be dead soon anyways. But assuming you aren't one of those, and you ARE a friend, then this is the place to be to learn more about me.

~Loves~ Jesus, Patrick, Love, kindness, hospitality, Horses/Animals, dragons, mystical creatures, Prayer, Christian Music, Reading, Youth/Church, Dancing, Singing, Writing, Talking, Drawing, EverQuest/Video Games (Esp. Final Fantasy 7 & 9; Spyro series), the ocean, Friends, and Family.
~Likes~ Foamy, HomeStar Runner, Trogdor, Summer, Ice Cream, Sheep (they are so awesome), squirrels, Sunsets & Rises, smiling, laughing, and sleep.
~Dislikes~ Rude people, greed, dishonesty, judgement, popularity, being left out, crying, saying goodbye, spiders, hard times, stress, feeling alone and helpless, Writer's Block, dying on EverQuest (or any other Video Game), Power Outages, Work, and friends that backstab.
~Hates~ Satan

~AIM Names are: Ruler of Sheeps, pRoUd 2 WoRsHiP, blaqflamez55
~Fav. bands: MercyMe, DC Talk, Casting Crowns, Newsboys, SonicFlood

Now you have a visual of my personality and what I'm like. Now keep reading!! =)
I have a bunch of friends (believe it or not), and I want to give them credit. So uhh...yeah, read about my friends..or I'll bite you..err, well, I'll find a place to bite you!!
Manda Panda- She's absolutely gorgeous! Don't look at her, or you'll go blind or pass out- depends on your gender. But I love her, and she makes me look good in pictures! She is the sweetest gal in the world, but don't piss her off! She IS from Texas, so she's pretty nasty in a hustle!
Brittany- Since first grade, she's been in and out of trouble with me. She's my true partner-in-crime, and she'll go with me to the end. Love ya Britt!
Karian- Thanks for being such a sweetheart to me and everyone else! You're a great friend, and I'll really miss ya when I leave! I wish we would have met sooner, so we could have hung out more. But you are the BEST artist on this side of My Own Little World, and don't let anyone ever tell ya otherwise!
Lauren- LOOKOUT, WRESTLERS! Buff babe coming through! She's also been part of our troublemaking posse since the ole' 1st grade. Friends til' the end, she will show up and defend you when you least expect it...but don't expect her to carry you; she'll let you strut your stuff when she knows you can do it!
Caleb- He may be slick, but he can be pretty rough too. Don't mess with this guy, or his buddies for that matter, or he'll show you what for!
Chris- This guy has helped me through some bad times, and he deserves a big hug and an 'I love you bro'! Thank you for everything Chris, I'll really miss you when I leave. Remember when you get stressed or just need to talk, I'm always here.
Joe- I owe you my soul, Joe. You made me so happy, and you are truly blessed by God. How you can always wear a smile, I'll never know. But thank you for smiling for both of us when we both feel like crying. I love you Joe, you'll always be in my heart.
Jamie- My 'bumbum' bro..crazy mexican with no ambition 'cept to have fun and hang lose! Don't mess with this guy or his friends either, he'll do you in..he may also end up doin' time!
Kayla- She's a sweetheart with a big heart, sometimes bigger than her brain! Always thinking about others and helping out our youth group, she's a true blue!
Matt- Crazy, upside down gymnist! Always thinkin' bout poo & girls, you're one weird dude! But you make our youth group shine, nonetheless! Love ya bro!

Jeremy, Jenn & the Girls- Stay sweet & cool, and God will bless you always! The fruit of the LORD is NOT a coconut!
Youth Group- I love you guys. You have brought me closer to the LORD, Jesus, and myself. You showed me how to be myself and how to shine without artificial lighting =) Thanks so much for letting me be me..and for telling me when I took it too far! I LOVE YOU!

Wrath of Sam- Dancin' the Night Away
Yes, I was dancing. No, it wasn't kinky. Yes, Pat was there. NO MORE QUESTIONS!!

My Sweetheart
The one who helps me be me regardless of rain or shine, good or bad, and when I'm smiling or frowning. I love you SO much, and I will always be with you.

***To the Readers who aren't Patrick D. Qualls***
This is the man I'll be coming back from Tennessee for. He has helped me be the person you all know this day. He tells me I'm beautiful, when I feel hideous. He hugs me even when I push him away; whether I'm angry, ticked off, upset or happy, he's ALWAYS there. I don't know what I'd do without this godsend of love by my side.

***God bless you Patrick, I will ALWAYS love you!***

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Last but CERTAINLY not least...God.
Over the school year, I began going to a wonderful church by the name of First Baptist Church of Smithfield. The people there were good to me, and brought me in. Soon, I was saved, and Jesus Christ became a WONDERFUL addition to my life. Slowly I began to change, and my live will be ever changing. I am always trying to be better for Lord God, as many Christians, but I have my spiritual ups and downs. Jeremy and Jennifer helped me a whole lot with my coming to know Christ. Now, I wish to start my own Ministry Program, Prayer for All. The goal of PFA is mainly to reach out through prayer to non-christian believers. PFA is based on kids under 21, but anyone can be a part of the PFA ministry.
Jesus has changed my life tremendously, and I hope he has changed yours too. If not, I will pray for you. If you have any questions at all, E-Mail me and I will get right on them. God Bless You!

Jesus is my Saviour!
That's right...he saved me by bleeding all over a cross, beaten, bloodied, battered and torn...his battlescars are the reminessence of his undying love for me and my fellow people. Thank you, Lord Jesus!
Bible Questions? I'll see if I can help!